About Us

tackIT LTD is an independent software consultancy company serving local businesses in Sussex. We provide consultancy, expert advice and related support services to companies looking to implement new software applications within their business. With extensive experience in delivering CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ATS (Applicant Tracking) systems we provide the following services to our customers:

  • Business Analysis, design and specification
  • Vendor Comparison and Consultancy
  • Project Implementation Support
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Database Services and Migration
  • Web Design Projects and Integrations
  • Trouble Shooting

Who we are

…well actually that should currently read, “who am I”. I’m Steve and for the past 15 years I’ve been working for a mainstay provider of software to the staffing and recruitment industry. During that time, I have worked on countless projects, implementing CRM and ATS software solutions for customers from one-man band start-ups right through to 1000+ user global enterprise businesses. Having worked in various roles from support and application development through to business analysis and solutions architecture before moving into the senior leadership team I finally felt it was time for a bit of a change.

Throughout my time working in the software delivery industry I have seen the market rapidly shift from the traditional dedicated desktop applications running on customer owned servers to Software as a Service (SaaS) applications running in the cloud, accessible from anywhere and interconnected seamlessly to other technologies replacing what was historically multiple systems with a single intuitive user application.

With this shift has come a number of new challenges in regards to implementing systems. What was once a simple case of dropping a CD in a computer and hitting the install button has now transformed into a minefield of options and addons, which along with new legislation and the ever growing concerns around data security can make implementing new software a very difficult proposition. Sure, you can sign up for software and be up and working with their basic package within minutes but if you then want to start making use of features such as social media, time and attendance, payroll integrations etc. then you will often see things get trickier and more expensive.

More and more I have seen a trend with companies struggling with the demands of implementing the latest systems. Quite rightly, they want and need to utilise the latest technologies to get ahead in their market but I have often found that they don’t have the resources or time to spend working with software providers to get the results they want. This can lead to project delays and sometimes even a breakdown in the customer/supplier relationship.

This is why I have setup tackIT. With my background and experience in the software delivery industry I believe I have the right blend of skills to be able to offer a valuable consultancy service to companies looking to implement new software systems. People work with people not companies which is why I want to work with my customers as closely as possible to ensure the success of their project. To this end, I have chosen to work with local companies based in Sussex as I feel on site visits and face to face conversations are an important part of a successful implementation project.