Need a hand?

So you’ve selected your new software but are concerned about the amount of work your vendor is asking you to do or are worried that your implementation project has stopped in its tracks and you running out of time and quickly burning through your budget?

Unfortunately its an all too common problem. Implementing new systems into core parts of your business is often a huge undertaking and can rely on a significant amount of time from you or your team being needed to support the implementation process. Large orginisations will often budget for this and even form a project team whose primary focus will be the delivering the new systems. However, growing businesses often do not have this luxury and find themselves having to try and manage all of the additional work on top of everything else which can lead to a strained relationship with your vendor.

So, need a hand? if so then tackIT is here to help? Our project delivery consultancy and support services are designed to help you with the implementation of your new software applications:


Project Support

We'll come in and discuss your project and understand its scope and deliviables. We can then work directly with you, your team and your vendor through the projects planing, build, test, training, data migration and delivery phases to help ensure your project runs smoothly and minimise the time you need to spend on the fine details letting you concentrate on the bigger picture.

Project Recovery

If your already part way through an existing implementation and feel your project is going no where then we may be able to help. You walk us through what issues have been, what you expected and what you have got so far. We will then review the situation and in partnership with you and vendor create a plan to get the project back on track.