Time for a change?

For every successful company there comes a time when a decision is taken to introduce, upgrade or consolidate software applications used to support the operations of the business.

Fully understanding why you need a change, your implementation time frames, what you expect your systems to do for you and how it will impact your business is vital when it comes to choosing a software partner to work with. Knowing what you want and why you want it allows you to set clear expectations from the outset with your software vendor(s) and also helps you communicate the need for change to others in your business.

So, what can tackIT do to help? Our consultancy services are designed to help you understand what you need and support you through your software application selection process:

Requirements Checkup

Need help getting your software requirements in order? We'll work with you to help understand your system requirements, prioritise and document these into a vendor friendly format.

Design Consultancy

You walk us through what you do, what works well and what doesn't and we'll help you to work with prospective software vendor's to understand how their system and process could fit into and improve your business and identify any gaps.